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Posted on: Wednesday, January 9th, 2008 at 11:12 am by: Lynn Smythe
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Description of the syncroPACE running shoe by Pearl Izumi.
Pearl Izumi is a company that makes a variety of clothing, shoes and accessories for cyclists, tri-athletes and runners. My current pair of road biking shoes are from Pearl Izumi so they are a brand that I know and trust.
Though my main cycling pursuit is road biking, I’ve been looking into various cross training methods as a way to keep all my muscles in shape, especially during the colder winter months. The first time I went running I had just finished five months of training for a 109 road bike ride and thought I was in pretty good shaped. However, after spending one hour attempting to run/jog I quickly realized I still had a long ways to go.
I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Pearl Izumi’s syncroPACE running shoe. Available in both men’s and women’s models, this shoe retails for $94.99. The syncroPACE is a comfortable, stable shoe which is ideal for the quicker, faster runner that has a tendency to over-pronate. The mesh outer layer makes for a lightweight, breathable shoe which quickly dries out should they get wet. The seam-free construction makes for blister-free running even for the barefoot runner, although I do recommend wearing a light-weight running sock for ultimate comfort.
These shoes can also be used for trail running should you decide to venture off-road. I’ve also discovered they make a terrific off-road cycling shoe. I’m not a very aggressive mountain biker so I have decided not to clip-in when riding off-road. I seem to spend as much time walking the mountain bike trails as riding them so I needed a comfortable yet stable shoe. The syncroPACE is an ideal combination of flexibility, comfort and stability in a light weight package.
Additional Information:
Pearl Izumi website: The Pearl Izumi website can give you the complete technical breakdown of these shoes.
The syncoPACE is available from a number of online vendors at less than full retail pricing.

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